Our concept

Our concept

Discover our hair colorings enriched with argan oil and keratin, providing vibrant color while deeply nourishing your hair. Complete your hair care routine with our range of organic hair treatments infused with essential oils for natural hydration and unparalleled shine.

Entrust us with your hairstyle for unforgettable moments in your life, such as your wedding. Our expert team will create spectacular looks that enhance your natural beauty and personality.

Benefit from the expert advice of our dynamic team for a cut that perfectly complements the shape of your face and your lifestyle. We are here to guide you towards the ideal haircut that will make you shine.

Opt for our reconstructive treatments that repair, strengthen, and shape your hair for a duration of 3 to 5 months. Give your hair the care it deserves for lasting and radiant beauty.

Discover our latest innovation: Ybera smoothing treatment with 100% natural actives. Achieve smooth and silky hair while preserving their health with our revolutionary treatment. Enjoy our large parking lot located behind Saint Job's square, offering two hours of free parking in the blue zone with a disk.Our colorings are based on argan oil and keratin and we offer a range of organic hair care products based on essential oils.

We do hair for all special occasions such as your wedding.

Our dynamic team will always advise you on a cut adapted to your face.

Reconstructive treatments: repairs, strengthens and shapes the hair for a period of 3 to 5 months.

New: Ybera straightening with 100% natural active ingredients Large parking lot behind the Place de Saint Job (blue zone with disc for 2 hours free).

New smoothing with 100% natural active ingredients.